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This has been a busy year so far. Friend and cohort Psalm One and I have successfully released our collaborative music NFT adventure series: which sold out on Zora, and is still available on It’s a story about two mutant pals stuck in a dystopian Hip Hop world where greed and capitalism have made it impossible to build connections with fans and other artists… sound familiar? Enter Mintarea: a place to start again and re-value art. A web2 do over, if you will, filled with original art, story, characters, and music that are revealed through subsequent releases.

I was really happy to have been chosen as a winner in the Spotti Wifi remix contest: All Time High feat. Bun B of UGK! Two legends, one in the crypto-rap arena, the other a founder of the trap genre. Check my remix here:

Next, I just dropped my own genesis music/art NFT release on Modular One. It’s a sci-fi tale about synthetic beings created to withstand interstellar space travel in order to find water to save the human race.

Coming soon, the debut single from singer/songwriter Barlow will be dropped soon. An incredible music artist, actor, and friend who will touch you with his tone, and move you with his stories.

Lastly, for now, I am preparing for the 5th year of MIXTAPE: an emerging choreographer/dancer/composer showcase that I am fortunate to be the music director of. Shows are May 6-8th at The Cowles Center For Performing Arts in Minneapolis. The MIXTAPE Collective focuses on power sharing, mentoring, and using street dance forms to highlight issues of equity, inclusion, and perspective. Ticket links here:


Tomorrow (Fri, 2/19) at 8pm central US time I am hosting a free zoom watch party to premier my new full-length parody movie called “Tales Of The Green Orb”. Join me if you want to go to the movies together:)

Original score and soundtrack will be available at the watch party. Digital release will follow in March. Here is a blurb about the project:

In the not-so-proud tradition of classic parody films like “What’s Up Tiger Lilly?”, “Kung Pow Enter the Fist” and “Night of the Day of the Dawn of the Son of the Bride of the Return of the Revenge of the Terror of the Attack of the Evil, Mutant, Alien, Flesh Eating, Hellbound, Zombified Living Dead” comes a new “film”, soundtrack and score from composer and musician Stefon Bionik Taylor called “TALES OF THE GREEN ORB”.

Visit strange lands, see the people’s court in space, meet melanin junkies, a demented swim team coach, and so much more. 

From Sex Robots who have only seen two Jim Carrey movies to Mutants obsessed with tattoo removal – there is something for every member of the family – assuming your family loves sexually explicit cartoons, good music, and stories about sentient hillbilly drug orbs. 

Bionik (Lizzo, Ice-T, Aceyalone) thoughtfully re-dubs and re-scores the 1981 cult movie “HEAVY METAL” with a mixture of ultra-modern tracks, notes of noir and horror cinema, visceral sound effects, and sardonic characters so vividly annoying that they literally jump from the screen. 

Simon Oré (Harmonquest, Anomalisa) wrote the stories, which subvert and re-imagine each segment of the film into surreal scenarios of sex positive and body confident women in a society of creatures and repulsive white men obsessed with getting high on a glowing green Orb of power… the very Orb who narrates and takes us on this sampling of its adventures. 

Hope you can join!

Bionik Out

All of my energy has been going toward direct action. We have all benefitted from Black culture and labor. It’s time for white people all over the world to put in the work needed to build equitable societies. Think about mutual aid, direct donations, organizing, and disseminating information that unapologetically conveys the realities of police brutality and endemic racism. Jason Noer (J-Sun) and I have been trying to start a public conversation about our roles and responsibilities as white practitioners of Black art forms. Fumbling through creating a vocabulary to talk about racism, privilege, accountability and contribution.

Minneapolis has become a leader on the road to defunding the police. We know that community policing works. Reconciliation councils work. Transformative/restorative justice works. Take the money from the police/prison industrial complex and use it for universal housing, addiction/mental health counseling, and job placement. There will be no need for police.

Tune in Thursday, June 11th at 3pm for RtV2 (Response to Violence 2) and let’s continue the discussion about white accountability.

Be safe, and keep the action going!

Bio out

Thanks to the McKnight Foundation and The American Composers Forum, I have been pushing the boundaries of my artistic process in preparation for four shows in spring of 2020. Among other things, I have been auditioning people for roles in my McKnight Composer showcase, meeting with choreographers, and composing original music for the other productions taking place March-May.

Also, working with Lazerbeak and Sophia Eris on her singles and forthcoming album has been full of surprises. The first single “Who’s Got The Boom” was recently featured on Empire, and we couldn’t be happier as the three of us are fans the show:)  The songs keep coming and we are slated to complete the last joints for the record, between Sophia bopping around the globe performing her music, and DJing for Lizzo. !!!!!!!!!!

Finally, working on my new album slated for release summer 2020. This one is going to be a lot of songs, I think. My past three releases have been EPs, so I want to do a full record.

Thanks for caring,


I am extremely proud and humbled to announce that I have been chosen as one of the 2019 McKnight Foundation Composer Fellows! This honor means even more to me because I am a self-taught musician and composer being acknowledged by such a prestigious and renowned entity. I look forward to a year full of collaboration and new opportunities.

Next, Sophia Eris, Lazerbeak and I are releasing the third single from Sophia’s forthcoming album this Friday, and it’s one of my favs:) Working with these up-front and genuine people has been amazing. Our creative workflow and vision have been in full effect since we began the project. Look for the full album later this summer.

In addition, I was fortunate enough to get a bunch of my songs included in friend and fellow Chicago/LA cohort, Open Mike Eagle’s new show “The New Negroes” on Comedy Central. They used some of my tracks for comedy skits/videos with incredible guest artists such as Danny Brown, Phonte and Lizzo. It is so nice to see an artist like Mike get his propers. Great show that I hope we will see more of next season.

Also, friend and Chicago emcee Psalm One just dropped a new project that includes a song we did together entitled “Twerking 4 Feminists”. It’s a slapper that won’t disappoint Psalm and Bionik fans alike. A real person, and a real artist all in the same package. Glad to be working with such great people.

Finally, working as a new COMPAS resident teaching artist has been the most fulfilling experience! I love contributing to my Minnesota communities by facilitating the creation of songs that reflect the participants thoughts and feelings. I have never felt better represented as an artist. All of these recent developments in my artistic career have been wonderful. I am lucky to be here in Minnesota.

Stay tuned!

Bionik Out

2019 is here and in full effect! Last year I was accepted as a COMPAS resident artist and I am proud and excited to start sharing with my MN communities. Somehow teaching has really scratched an itch for me. I feel lucky to have these experiences:)  My EP: Animated came out Thanksgiving 2018 on Mal Label Music (tastemaker and supporter of my musical madness), followed by the December release: “Who’s Got The Boom” from Mpls icon Sophia Eris. Local legend and crystal daddy, Lazerbeak and I are producing Sophia’s full length album, due for release later this year. The synergy in our team has been stellar! Look for the next single in Feb:) Also, lot’s of great work happening in preparation for the up-coming Mixtape-MP3 show at the Cowles Center for Performing Arts. The show is May 10th-12th and features the best of Minnesotas veteran and bourgeoning choreographers and dancers. It is my third year as musical director, and it is an honor collaborating with this calibre of talent. The show includes a lot of live collaboration between dancers and myself. I want to bring the live music experience back to dance performance. Oh, for those of you who haven’t checked out Mpls’ local producer/DJ/musician mecca Slam Academy, you are missing out. Not just a technical school, the community and breadth of talent there is staggering. Teaching and learning there has become a huge part of my musical development. Last, but not least, thanks for all the support from everyone during my Dad’s on-going recovery process. Meant a lot.

Bio Out

I have a lot to report. 2018 has already been packed with shows, new collabs and new ideas. 2017 ended with a dope license of the song “Rock With Me-feat. Sophia Eris for The Power Rangers Movie:)  Then, songs in Insecure, White Famous and Grownish  made the new year seem hopeful. Years of making relationships with artists and licensors seems to continue to make these placements happen… that and a great manager:) I have also been fortunate enough to start teaching a number of music programs at Slam Academy where the creativity and talent continues to amaze me. To anyone that hasn’t visited the facility, check it out. Great gear, people and vibes. Next, Manchita and I have been doing shows, creating new material and generally having a great time together sharing the material from the “One” album.   Look for some new music from Manchita and I in the near future. Also look for a new song I just did with Minneapolis rapper Jaysocreative that is due out shortly and is super dope. Lazerbeak (Shredders) and I made our Pool Boys EP and sound pack free as a new year’s gift to all producers, listeners and sound enthusiasts. Download it here and get weird.  Lastly, I have a new solo project in the works that I am really excited about. Hard cut Bass Music with some future dub influences. It’s gonna be great for live shows!!! Stay tuned. Thanks to all the great people who have been coming to the shows and supporting the music! Couldn’t do it with out you. Peace for now, BIO OUT.


My new EP “Hypnotic Magnetism” was just released on MalLabel Music (LOVE THEM) out of Oakland, CA and I am truly grateful for all the listens, likes, comments and shares. This is my third solo venture into the realms of future bass and I really feel like everything came together naturally on this one.       Thanks to Sizhi Zou (who I found on IG) for the perfect EP artwork:)   Also, my summer has been full of great things with artist and friend Manchita. Her sola EP “One”, produced by yours truly, dropped June 9th with a great show at First Ave’s Seventh Street Entry. Then came a flurry of live performances including the MPR Summer Music Series with Tom Weber and Andrea Swenson where Manchita and I performed the whole EP in MPR studios (nice) and bared our souls on the radio:)   Manchita and I will be Headlining the PROF Outdoors afterparty in the Cabooze on Sept. 9th. Hope you can make it out and catch a tampon or two:) Bionik Out

The day has finally arrived! This Sunday, Jan 15th Andrea Swenson from MPR’s 89.3 FM will be premiering Manchita’s first single “Head Right” on the Local Show. I am extremely excited for people to hear what Manchita and I have been working on. Her songs are introspective, genuine and hauntingly beautiful. We have been recording and rehearsing a lot to put the finishing touches on the EP and create the live show for this project. Stay tuned for more music from Manchita in the coming months!


I am so lucky to know so many talented artists. This year has been filled with great shows, astounding people and so many musical collaborations, I can barely keep track of them all:) First, my EP “The Way I Be” featuring guest appearances from Lizzo, Manchita, Sophia Eris and Sarah White dropped while I was on tour hitting the festivals around the U.S. Then, The single “Ball Like Beijing” feat. Lizzo was premiered by Red Bull Sound Select. Super humbling. At The Backwoods Festval in OK I met my man Aplsoz and he asked me to do a remix (Fun In The Sun Bionik Remix) for his release on MalLabel. Also very humbling and exciting to work with this super talented dude, and a label that I consider a barometer for new bass music. Check this guy out!

On top of that, I have upcoming releases with Manchita (GRRRL PRTY), Lazerbeak (Doom Tree), Danny Alias (Frankie Knuckles), Mc Zulu, El Diablo, Dylan Cameron and a couple more surprises that will be announced soon. Through working with all these artists I have been able to continue realizing my own personal style and hopefully bringing out the best in my musical companions. Thanks to all who listen, come to shows and continue to explore their own personal soundtrack. Peace, Bio

This week I was geeked to find out that Red Bull Sound Select was premiering my new video “Ball Like Beijing”-feat. Lizzo. The fully animated video is done by out of Austin, TX. Lizzo KILLED this one lyrically!

On the heels of my summer festival tour (thanks, Untz Challenge VII and all the people who voted and partied with me), I am enjoying some time back in Minneapolis with fam and friends before heading out CA, and TX for more shows in the second half of October.

Bionik Upcoming Tour Dates:

10/12-Low End Theory-Los Angeles, CA

10/28-Crown and Harp-Dallas, TX

10/29-Scratchouse-Austin, TX

I am loving all this live performance! Hope to see fellow bassheads at the shows and stay tuned for announcements about upcoming projects, collabs and remixes. Bionik Out

Wow! I just got back from the first leg of my tour and my head is spinning with ideas and inspiration. So many amazing artists, fans and support staff… it’s hard to process.  Summer Camp Music Festival in Chillicothe, IL was packed with awesome people and vibes. Made new friends and saw a bunch of homies I haven’t seen in a minute. Then I was in Mariposa, CA for The Untz Festival, which was a top notch production full of mind-blowing performances from Bass Physics, LWKY, Phuture Primitive, Mux Mool and Desert Dwellers, to name only a few. Connected with some real cats.  Next was Wormhole Wednesday in Oakland, CA where bassheads from the bay gather to hear original bass music. That one has been on the bucket list for a minute. Big ups to Benji Hannus for having me out.  After that, down to Taos, NM for a desert bass extravaganza with incredible music from Filastine, Kanizzle, Sattva Ananda, Kalling and more. Surreal landscapes and unbelievable generosity and hospitality from the locals (Sattva and Ben, you know who you are) made this a great stop on my journey.  Then (whew), off to Sonic Bloom at Hummingbird Ranch in CO. What a breathtakingly beautiful spot to hold an outdoor music fest! Snow covered mountains and endless valleys everywhere you look. Low frequencies rumbling from trees at the foot of the mountains and happy people dancing, camping and trying to stay cool in the heat of the day. All night partying to a plethora of musical styles and genres. Great experience. Now, off to MI for Electric Forest. I have never been, but many have told me that this is a special festival with forests full of lights and bass music for the connoisseur. Can’t wait to have my music be a part of the experience!  Thanks again to all the beautiful people I have encountered over this past 2 weeks. I have felt many genuine connections and had great conversations with musicians, fans and festival goers. I feel very fortunate to have met you all. Peace, BIO OUT

First, Thanks for all the support in The Untz Challenge VII! I am so thankful for the votes:) Voting ends this Friday at 12PM Pacific time, so help me out by telling a friend, relative or neighbor (lol) to register and vote for : Bionik-“The Way I Be”.   Speaking of which, my new EP “The Way I Be” is almost complete with features from stellar MN artists. Exclusive songs from Lizzo, Sarah White, Manchita, Sophia Eris and West Coast Legend Phoenix Orion. I am really excited about how this release is sounding! I recently reconnected with an old friend from Chicago who happens to be an amazing engineer/producer/mastering genius, and once Doug McBride at Gravity Studios got his hands on my tracks it was all over. He has unwittingly become a necessary part of my process. I think the bass will speak for it’s self. Also, my tour to promote the EP is starting to shape up and I can’t wait to party with all the fly people in MN, TX, NM, NV and CA! I will start dropping dates soon. Stay tuned! BIO OUT

Lizzo My Skin nPic

Yesterday Lizzo dropped a new song called “My Skin” that we did together from her forthcoming album Big Grrrl Small World. It’s an emotional song about self love and self empowerment whos message is so important, especially now when people are still trying to deny the systematic hate and segregation in America and beyond.  Lizzo wrote a good portion of the lyrics for this in the studio while listening to the track, and it came from a very genuine and personal place. I am so proud to be working with artists who are trying to contribute something positive and increase our collective awareness. Her entire album drops on Dec.11th. Don’t sleep! Bio out


The GRRRL PRTY X BION EP just got premiered on@Rookiemag and I am rally excited about this release! Crafting these songs with them was a great experience and watching them perform these songs is a treat.

Also, The Lizzo album: Big Grrrl Small World drops in December and the energy of these two projects has kept me geeked, and busy. Plus my partner in crime, Griffen just got premiered on ego trip with his powerful song/video about the US prison industrial complex.

I am proud to be a part of all of these projects that represent breaking boundaries and enlightening us… even just a little. Bionik out

First off, The single “Poppin” from the GRRRL PRTY X BIONIK EP drops today and hopefully the GRRRLs will get some well deserved attention from their latest, party poppin’ project (not just because I produced it.) These ladies bring confident and creative energy that comes across in their songs and on stage. Plus, their personalities and attitude toward the group are a sign of artists with longevity. It was stoopid fun working with them on this. The entire EP drops in a couple weeks. Keep your eyes on them…


Friday 12/4-Club Jager-SOUND UP! with DJ Don Cuco-Tropical, Mumbaton, Bass music, House with live percussion. Going to be highly danceable.

Tuesday 12/8-Subterrainian Chicago with Griffen and Vic Spencer-Dope venue, dope artists, dope music… need I say more?

Economik Splendor - Final Cover Art

Hey all, its been a minute since I have checked in. Wearing a lot of hats lately: doing shows, completing album projects and trying to create new music, while at the same time trying to be a half way decent human being. No easy task… especially the latter. Music and family continue to inspire my creative juices, and the latest creation set for release combines both.  My longtime friend and cohort: Chicago Emcee Griffen, is about to unleash a powerful song and video entitled “Economik Splendor” outlining the trappings of the prison industrial complex in the U.S.  The stunning video by Mudwing Media and stellar artwork by @Nanlib complete the vision for this poignant song.  Dropping Oct.13th!  Also, Working with Lizzo and GRRRL PRTY on their pending releases has been a blast. I rocked a set of original bass music at First Ave. mainroom for the GRRRL PRTY show last month that was fun to say the least. Also celebrated the 5 year anniversary of Studiiyo 23 (one of my favorite shoe stores) at the TCSAX6 block party and TAWST after party with DJ Shannon Blowtorch. All pros. Last but not least, I am pulling my hair out trying to create new music that makes someone feel something. Sounds simple.

Big ups and maximum reespek. BIO OUT

June 10th-2015

I have been so busy lately that my shirt appears to be on backwards… This coming Satuday, June 13th My partner in crime, Richard Mueller & I are proudly unveiling our new virtual music experience “You Are Hear” at the 2015 Northern Spark Festival (Mill City/Peavy Plaza), sponsored by Northern Lights and Nordstrom. By using the GPS in your smart phone, you become a moving instrument in a virtual orchestra surrounded by glowing balloons. 9pm to sunrise!

On top of that, working on 5 or 6 other album projects has kept me in a borderline manic state of mind. Got a lot of love with the Sonik Boom Remixed album on Party Time Society. Masterminds like Dubvirus, Mochipet, Akasha, El Diablo, Soohan, Mikhail Davies and more laced the album and got a lot of pub. Chicago rapper and tortured intellectual Griffen and I have been working on our new project entitled “Reanimated” that will be dropping one song at a time over the next 6 months. This cat is not only prolific, but he can encapsulate a complex and poignant  idea into everyday terms that make you learn shit, and you don’t even realize you learnin’ shit.  Also, working with MPLS super divas Lizzo and GRRRL PRTY is turning out to be crazy fun and inspirational. Plus, bout to start a project with my man TRU who is a dope and diverse MPLS producer. I’m singing…………….  The remix I did with Mochipet for Mr. Lif “Carry That Spark” dropped and it was a blast collabing with the purple dinosaur. More Bionik remixes due out over the next few months with Consciuos Kalling, Subatomica and more.

Lastly, Check me at Icehouse MPLS on June 26th for “Nicehouse”: Live original Trap/Hip Hop. Been trying to cultivate a place for dancers to show off their mastery. NO COVER! Building.

Thanks to all the listeners and music lovers around the world. Couldn’t do this without you. I’m gonna fix my shirt now.


Feb. 27th-2015

The new single from Aceyalone: Ghetto Blaster dropped this week and my excitement is bubbling over about the release of the full album ACTION on April 7th! Ace never ceases to amaze me. He is always pushing the boundaries of his music while adhering to his core. Any Aceyalone fan will appreciate this eclectic and visionary Hip Hop album.

My friend and cohort Richard Mueller and I are unveiling our new GPS-located interactive music tool called at this year’s Northern Spark Festival in Minneapolis. We are very proud to have been selected from all the talented people who submitted proposals. Here is a short description of what the experience will be like:  “Where are you? You’re in Peavey Plaza surrounded by colorful glowing balloons hovering in the air above you. You put your headphones on and visit on your phone. Music fills your ears in a three-dimensional space, and as you turn around you can hear and see individual virtual sounds and shapes all around you that correspond with each balloon, some closer and louder, others further away and quieter. You also see the closest participants on your screen, and hear their contributions emanating from wherever they are. You move and the Funk blends into an Afro beat and then into Dance. All over the city the virtual tracks are like walking through a forest of beats and melodies punctuated by the sounds that you are all creating. Everyone hears the same tracks, each from their own perspective. A passerby looks at the crowd of quietly moving people. You hand them a pair of headphones and welcome a new instrument to the symphony. You know exactly where you are now. You are hear.” Don’t miss this experience! Bring headphones/earbuds to join in the orchestra.

Upcoming BIONIK Shows:

March 1st-Twincities Sneaker and Art Exchange (TCSAX) @ Target Center-Minneapolis, MN-$20-$40 + A free ticket to Wolves vs. Clippers on March 2nd!

March 16th-Mission Matters @ Austin Contemporary Museum-Austin, TX-SXSW-Bionik and dancers J-Sun, Nicki Cullinan and Wealthy Phonseya

March 21st-Afternoon Ryde @ Love Goat-Austin, TX-SXSW

Jan. 27th-2015

I’m working on a lot of dope projects right now with people I respect. The little voice in my head has been guiding me. The more music I make, the louder the voice gets. I can foresee a day when the voice drowns out everything else and I am left in an eternal, internal conversation. Working with other artists always creates new situations and emotions that enrich the creative process and temper the internal voice. My single/video “Helikopter” premiers today on popmatters blog: and I couldn’t be more excited to see the feelings it evokes. Large bass and big drops. My little voice says it’s time for me to eat some kale and work on a mix. Look for my instrumental album on Party Time Society entitled: SONIK BOOM. Due to be released in March, 2015. Thanks for tuning in. Bionik out.

Jan. 13th-2015

I have started a shoelace collection. My friend B Girl Annie Up has inspired me to give in to vanity and express my feelings and emotions through the various colors and patterns of shoelaces.My trip to LA was fruitful on the shoelace acquisition front and the musical front. I saw long time cohort Aceyalone at the Project Blowed 20th Anniversary and was impressed by his skills on the 1’s and 2’s. I also got to make a little music with Diodato, a great producer who always inspires and reinvigorates me.  My new album on Party Time Society entitled: Sonik Boom is about to drop, starting with the first single “Helikopter”. Amazing video by Wiley Cable.  Also, Mr. Jennings “Crunken Treasures Remixed” album just dropped this week with a remix I did for one of his Crunkalicious trax. Funk in the Trunk (Bionik Remix) is my attempt to associate with the Godfather of Glitch Hop. Buy now here… Good.

There are sure to be many opportunities in the beginning of 2015 to show my joy. Shoelaces will remain my primary vehicle of expression.  Big ups to Trevor at Score Press and the whole PTS fam.


Dec. 18th-2014

Electro Reggae Jam 02


Friday, December 19th 2014

@ Double Door-1572 N. Milwaukee Ave Chicago, IL

Party peoples! I am very pleased to announce I will be performing at the Electro Reggae Jam in Chicago, IL on December 19th. Bringing volcanic bass and all the bells and whistles for this gig at the Double Door… my old stomping grounds, by the way. Check out details at: Set phazers to Trap/Reggae/Bigroom/Ratchet/Dancehall and beam me the F#%k up! Hope to see my fellow dub fanatics and time travelers there! BIO OUT

Oct. 25th-2014

Hey all, for the past 6 months I have been guzzling kombucha and working on my new original instrumental album entitled: SONIK BOOM. With influences including Trap, Ratchet, Big Room, Turntup, Hip Hop, Reggae and Electronica, this project is a culmination of the urban genres and sounds that I have explored and loved over the years.  I am very pleased to announce that Party Time Society will be releasing the album ( They are an awesome, musician run label that specializes in “Global Bass” music.  “Party Time Society” is a label/co-op that is well equipped to make a large imprint on the music world.  These veterans have already cooked up a healthy release schedule and have a number of highly regarded EDM producers currently developing projects. Our intention is for the show and the namesake label to function as outlets for the myriad of independent talent we have come into contact with.  Maybe it’s the kombucha, but I couldn’t be happier to be joining forces with this label and putting out music alongside artists that I am a fan of.

Bionik out.

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