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Bionik-Tales Of The Green Orb-Score & Soundtrack-Albums-2021

Big Silky-Hurricane Jane-Big $ilky Vol.2-Single-2020

Big Silky-RPRCHXIZDED-Big $ilky Vol.1-Single-2020

Sophia Eris-Arrogant-Single-2019

Sophia Eris-Feel The Burn-Single-2019

Sophia Eris-Fanny Pack-Single-2019

Sophia Eris-Who’s Got The Boom-Single-2019

Jayso Creative-Waste No Time-Single-2018


Lazerbeak and Bionik-Pool Boys-Album and Sound Pack-2017

Bionik-Hypnotic Magnetism-Album-2017

Manchita with Bionik-One-Album-2017

Bionik-The Way I Be-Album-2016

GRRRL PRTY X Bionik-Album 2016

Lizzo-Big GRRRL Small World-Album-2015

Griffen-Economik Splendor-Single-2015

Bionik-Sonic Boom-Album-2015



Chali 2na-Against the current 2-EP-2014

Aceyalone-Leanin’ On Slick-Album-2013

Ras Kass-Barmageddon-Album-2013

Mr. Gene Poole-The God Particle-Album-2013

Freestyle Fellowship-The Promise-Album-2012

Last of the Record Buyers: Collaboration’s The Key-Various Artists-2012

Griffen-Ashland Chronicles-Album-2012

Project Blowed Presents: Blowed: 420 Selection-Various Artists-2012

Mandragora Tango & BIONIK-Barrio Longfellow-2012

Griffen-Purple Paradise Mixxtape-Album-2012

John Martyn-Heaven and Earth-Album-2011

Super-Movie Soundtrack-2011

William Michael Dillon-Black Robes And Lawyers-Album-2011

MC ZULU-Electro Track Therapy-Album-2011

MC ZULU-Bionik Roots-Album-2010

Black Silver-Hardcore Intellect-2010

Far East Movement-Animal-2009

Aceyalone-Aceyalone and the Lonely Ones-Album-2009

Major James-feat. Baby Bash-Saturday-Single-2009

Griffen-The Urn-Album-2009

Ice-T and Black Silver-Black Ice: Urban Legends-Album-2008

Lil’ Rob-1218 Pt. 2-Album-2008

Ping Pong Playa-Movie Soundtrack-2008

Elena Mitrano-Rescue Me-Single-2008

Aceyalone-Lightning Strikes-Album-2007

Volume 10-Pawn Shop-Album-2007


J. Hustles/Buccweet-Now There’s a Problem-Album-2007

Various Artists-Supernovacaine-Album-2006

Aceyalone-Grand Royal-Album-2006

Rizzen-4 Life-Album-2006

Project Blowed: 10th Anniversary-Various Artists-2005

R. Kelly-Remix City, Vol. 1-Album-2005


Cafe del Mar-Café del Mar: The Best Of-Album-2003

Cafe del Mar-Café del Mar: Best of 2004 Edition-Album-2003

Cafe del Mar-Café del Mar: The Best Of (Special Edition) -Album-2003

R. Kelly-R. in R&B Collection, Vol. 1 (Bonus CD)-Album-2003

R. Kelly-R. in R&B Collection, Vol. 1-Album-2003

Various Artists-Best of R&B, Vol. 2-Album-2003

Various Artists-Acoustic, Vol. 2-Album-2002

Various Artists-This Is the Best of R&B, Vol. 2-Album-2002

The Winans-Very Best of the Winans-Album-2002

R. Kelly-Bump N’ Grind (CD5/ Vinyl Single) -2002

John Martyn-No Little Boy-Album-2000

Various Artists-It’s Time-Album-2000

John Martyn-Glasgow Walker-Album-2000

Various Artists-Go Bullistic-Album-1998

John Martyn-The Church with One Bell-Album-1998

Enuff Z’nuff-Seven-Album-1997

Various Artists-This Is Swing-Album-1996

John Martyn-And-Album-1996

Big Daddy Kinsey-Ramblin’ Man-Album-1995

John Martyn-Snoo-EP-1995

Enuff Z’nuff-Tweaked-Album-1995

Sonia Dada-Day at the Beach-Album-1995

Stereophile Test CD, Vol. 3-Various Artists-Album-1995

Jimmy Rogers-Blue Bird-Album-1994

James Cotton-Living the Blues-Album-1994

Aaliyah-Back and Forth-Album-1994

R. Kelly-12 Play-Album-1993

R. Kelly-12 Play-Album-1993

Billy Ocean-Time to Move On-Album-1993

Junior Wells-Better Off with the Blues-Album-1993

John Martyn-No Little Boy-Album-1993

The Winans-All Out-Album-1993

Big Daddy Kinsey-I Am The Blues-Album-1993

R. Kelly-Born into the 90’s-Album-1992

Izzy Stradlin-Izzy Stradlin & The Ju Ju Hounds-Album-1992

Manowar-Triumph of Steel-Album-1992


Invincible-Amazon-Aceyalone and Bionik-“Get It Myself”-2021

Tiny Pretty Things-Netflix-Sophia Eris-“Feel The Burn”-2020

Empire-Fox-Sophia Eris-“Who’s Got The Boom”-2019

The Chi-Showtime-Aceyalone and Bionik-“Come Over”-2019

The New Negroes-Comedy Central-Stefon Bionik Taylor-Instrumentals-2019

Trials Rising-Ubisoft-Videogame-Aceyalone-“Cold Piece”-2019

Greenleaf-OWN Network-Manchita w/ Bionik-“Shame On Me”-2018

Maybelline-International Commercial Campaigns-Stefon Bionik Taylor-2018

Grown-ish-ABC-Aceyalone-“Come Over”-Instrumental-2018

Claws-TNT-Bionik feat. Sophia Eris-“Rock With Me”-2017

White Famous-Showtime-Stefon Bionik Taylor-Instrumental-2017

Insecure-HBO Trailer-Lizzo-“Jang-a-Lang”-2017

Power Rangers Movie-Bionik feat. Sophia Eris-“Rock With Me”-2017

The Secret Life Of Pets-Movie-Far East Movement-“Illumination”-2016

Selfie-Commercial-Oppenheimer Group-Stefon Bionik Taylor-Instrumental-2016

Love and Hip Hop-VH1-DB2-“Games-BIONIK remix”-2015

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills-!E-Stefon BIONIK Taylor-Instrumental-2014

Are You the One-MTV-Aceyalone-Various songs-Season 1, Episodes 5 & 6-2014

Tia and Tamera-E!/Style Commercial-Stefon BIONIK Taylor-Instrumental-2013

Fast and The Furious 6 Movie/Soundtrack-Jin “HK Superstar”-2013

80 Bites Commercial-Stefon BIONIK Taylor (instrumental)-2012

Nissan Commercial-Kris Cash “Shorty Superbad”-2012

History of Hip-Hop Videogame (feat. Hurrikane) Ubisoft-Stefon BIONIK Taylor instrumental-2012

Zoo York Commercial (feat. Kate Upton) Stefon BIONIK Taylor-instrumental-2011

Adidas Commercial (feat. Derrick Rose) Stefon BIONIK Taylor-instrumental-2011

NBA 2K12 Video Game/Soundtrack-2K Sports-Aceyalone-“Workin’ Man’s Blues”- 2011

PUMA Faas Lab Commercial-Aceyalone & MC ZULU-“Higher Velocity”-2010

Million In The Morning Movie-Netflix-Stefon Bionik Taylor-Instrumentals-2010

Good Hair-Movie-HBO-Stefon Bionik Taylor-Instrumental-2009

Lottery Ticket Movie-Aceyalone-“Workin’ Man’s Blues”-2009

Castle (TV) Season 2/Episode 23 ABC-Aceyalone feat. BIONIK-“Workin’ Man’s Blues”-2009

Greek (TV) Episode #1005 ABC Family Network-Aceyalone-“To The Top”-2009

So You Think You Can Dance (TV) Fox Broadcasting-Aceyalone-“Shango”-2009

Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory (TV) MTV-Aceyalone-various songs-2009

The “L” Word (TV) Episode #607 Showtime-Far East Movement feat. BIONIK-“Low Ridin’ & Animal”- 2009

Gossip Girl (TV) Season 3/Episode 4 CW Network-Far East Movement-“Dance Like Michael Jackson”-2009

Gossip Girl (TV) Season 3/Episode 14 CW Network-Far East Movement-“She’s On The Move”-2009

NFL Tour (TV) Aceyalone feat. Chali 2na & BIONIK-“Eazy”-2008

Madagascar 2 Videogame EA Sports/Disney-Aceyalone-“Shango”-2008

Dirt (TV) Episode #206 FX Network-Griffen “N. Donesia”-2008

Lincoln Heights (TV) Episode #3001 ABC Family Network-Far East Movement-“Boom Shake”-2007

The Fast and the Furious 3: Tokyo Drift Movie/Soundtrack-Far East Movement-“Round Round”-2006

C.S.I.: NY (TV) Episode #118 CBS-Far East Movement-“Drop Down”-2005

Las Vegas (TV) Episode #208 NBC-J. Hustles- “Keep it Pimp”-2005

Entourage (TV) Season 5 Episode #511HBO-Far East Movement-“Boomshake”-2005

The “L” Word (TV) Episodes #108 & #112 Showtime-Stefon BIONIK Taylor-instrumentals-2004